Meet Melissa

Very pleased to meet you.  Welcome to my blog.  My name is Melissa, “Missy” to my family and oldest friends, and I am the writer of A Handful of Spinach.


I live in Clayton, North Carolina with my wonderful husband of 29 years, Ron.


This is our oldest daughter, Andie and her family.  Andie is a graduate from UNC-Wilmington and recently took a sabbatical from teaching middle school Science.  Jonathan is finishing up his doctorate in Chemisty at NCSU.  I can’t wait to hear him defend his thesis this February!  Andie and Jonathan welcomed their 3 child this summer.  Daisy Annette, (Annette named after me!)  Mason is 5 years old and little Daphne is 22 months. They are the joy of our lives.

This is our youngest daughter, Lydia and her boyfriend Mario.  They are always so happy! Lydia and Mario both work at Target so we’re always in the know of all the best new products and specials.  Lydia and Mario just went back to school.  Mario is studying auto body repair and Lydia is on the path for dental hygienist.  They are so full of fun!


We share our lives with three very spoiled dogs and 1 kitty.  Lucky is an animal shelter rescue dog and is a true princess.    Fred is our Basset hound.  He ain’t nothing’ but a hound dog and “cries all the time!”  He is very slobbery.  Lily is somewhat of a snob.  She is our Cockapoo and because she is so sweet and cuddly, she has gotten to be the most spoiled of all.


Kitty is just plain beautiful and is the best cat we’ve ever had.


Here on A Handful of Spinach, you will find many vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian dishes and cooking ideas along with my journeys as a marathoner and fitness lover.  I’ll also share my endeavors of finding balance as I serve Jesus, work full time outside the home, and volunteer in our community.

Welcome to my world!  Hope you like it here….


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