Run for the Roses 5k

I’m a little behind in posting but I wanted to share my latest 5k experience.

On February the 8th I participated in an awesome 5k called Run for the Roses.  My friend, Jordan, had won an entry and she was already scheduled to run another race that day so she gave it to me.  Thanks Jordan!  And congrats on an awesome marathon relay at the Massacre Marathon!

This was the 35th annual Run for the Roses making it one of the oldest 5k’s in this part of North Carolina.  The cool thing was that all female finishers were presented with a rose at the finish line.  I really love local races and I love that they give so much back to the community.

I got to the race a little early and got in a good warm-up and stretch.  I like races but I like them a whole lot more when I have a friend to race with.  I’ll admit.  I was a tad bit lonely.  There were 837 racers and lots of spectators but since I’m pretty shy, I stuck to myself.

The weather was glorious!  So warm on that February day that I wore shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt.  We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day.

My plan was to run steady and to not walk on any of the hills.  I also didn’t want to stop at the water stop.  I was hoping for a sub 30:00 minute 5k and I got close.  (my Garmin read 30:12)  The race showed me coming in at 31:12 and that put me 10th in my age group.  The race results chip and gun time were both 31:12 so I’m not sure what happened.  I started pretty far back in the pack so there was no way those 2 times should have been equal.

The most memorable thing that happened to me in this race was I passed an old lady on a hill.  I smiled and encouraged her but she did not even acknowledge me.  I was floored!  Racers are usually so nice and I thought I was being supportive. Well, a few minutes later she passed me!  This lady had to be in her 70s and I was now totally humiliated.

Then we started up a hill and she lost some steam and I passed her again.  This time I turned around and looked at her bib number so I could look up her age.  I know, I know.  Pretty creepy but I had to know.

She was 73 years old and her finishing time was only 1 minute behind me!

Thinking back on everything, maybe she didn’t hear me as I encouraged her.  Maybe she was just concentrating so hard on her own racing strategies.  I’m not upset anymore.  Now I’m very inspired!  I hope I can run a 32 minute 5k when I’m 73!

After the race, I walked back to my car and grabbed my phone and snapped a couple of pictures.

IMG_1811 IMG_1810

Check out that Carolina Blue sky!

We’re snowed in today and last week we had an ice storm.  I didn’t run one single day last week.  I was going to run this weekend but my new granddaughter arrived!

Meet Daphne Alice Mills!


Mom and baby are doing great and I so thankful for my prayers being answered.  We are so blessed!

Signing off and hitting the treadmill!

Think Spring everyone!

Disclaimer:  I gave up FB for Lent so I won’t see any comments that you make unless you put them on my blog.  I kept FB Messenger so I could keep up with my CF and running friends but I haven’t looked at FB since last Wednesday.  I needed this break.  I’m somewhat addicted.  Hoping after Easter to bring FB back in a controlled way and not open the app 10 million times a day.


Jingle Bell Run

Lydia and I got ready this morning and headed out to Saint Mary’s College for the Jingle Bell Run for Arthritis.

We thought about running in the antlers but decided against it in the end.  If we had been just walking we might have but we wanted to really run!

Here’s the last of my new Bondi Bands.  It says, “Learn, Dream, Live, Run.”

On my back I wore an Operation Beautiful sign since I didn’t have a specific person I was running in honor of.

Lydia and I got to the race early and had a blast.  I even got a chair massage.  It felt so good.  The Jingle Bell Run was one of the best organized and most fun races ever.  They gave away lots of free swag afterward and also had plenty of good food for the runners.  I wanted to take a lot of pictures but Lydia is camera shy and wouldn’t let me.

I did get this cute shot of our shoes with the jingle bells attached.  It was so cool running down Hillsborough Street and hearing all the jingles.

Love running by the NCSU tower.

We’ll be seeing it again soon for my third Krispy Kreme Challenge coming up in February.

All in all it was a wonderful day.  Lydia ran her fastest 5k ever and I was so PROUD of her.  Great job Lyds!  Lydia and I went to Bruegger’s Bagel Bakery for lunch after the race.  I had their vegetarian and I must say they have Panera beat by a long shot.  Lydia had the Herby Turkey.  She liked it a lot.

After that we visited our friend’s family pharmacy and picked up a few Christmas gifts.  If you haven’t visited Johnson’s Family Pharmacy near Lowes Foods, you need to.  Such a wonderful local business.  We even got these cute complimentary ornaments just for stopping in today.Andie has been home and we have been babysitting Mason so she can study for finals.  He is getting so big!  He’ll be crawling by Christmas I know.   Here’s a cute picture of Ron and Mason:

Goodnight Friends!